Visegrad Fund
Digital reconstruction of cultural heritage (EN)

Project Description:

A digital reconstruction is used in the field of historical and cultural heritage to recreate, analyse, and visualize monuments. This project aims to preserve and interpret the culture and history of V4 countries. AR permits the simultaneous viewing of both virtual and real 3D data and a full immersion of the viewer. By involving the new technology, we will display past and present scenes together.

The project focuses on the cross-connection between AR, mobile learning, visual and contemporary arts, and non-formal education methods. The digital platform deals with transmitting our cultural heritage and educate about the historical importance of historical objects, so citizens become more aware of their authentic identity. The mobile application, which interactively revives the history of castle ruin in Slovakia – Revište Castle by using AR will be the outcome of this synergistic activity.

Project partners will cooperate on the technological and creative concept and content of the mobile app. Alongside IT experts, there will be a professional team consisting of representatives of various visual contemporary and creative arts working on the original content of the app. The core of the technological solution will be available to foreign partners as a basis for the future visual revival of any selected object. So, this creative concept can raise its attractiveness among the broad public.

We intend to raise awareness of the common heritage through history and modern technology and to bring as many monuments as possible to the most widespread public.


Development agency of Banská Bystrica self-governing region (RABBSK)

Project Partners:

  • Association of Reviste Castle Preservation/ Združenie na záchranu hradu Revište. Link:
  • Archaeological Institute – Slovak Academy of Sciences, Nitra/ Archeologický ústav Slovenskej Akadémie Vied v Nitre. Link:
  • University of Information Technology in Katowice, IT Department/ Wyższa Szkoła Technologii Informatycznych w Katowicach. Link:
  • Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, Faculty of Fine Arts/ Akadémia umení v Banskej Bystrici, Fakulta výtvarných umení. Link:
  • Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Fine Arts/ Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Fakulta výtvarných umění. Link:


Take a look behind the walls of Revište Castle at the time of its greatest glory.


Thanks to the application of augmented reality, visitors will be transported to seven places in the castle in its 17th century appearance. And that’s not all, the augmented reality will be complemented by original illustrations depicting fragments of everyday life at the castle and lords of the castle, the Dóczy family.

Come to Revište Castle in person!

Digital reconstruction of Revište Castle into its form in the 17th century and the application of augmented reality were realised thanks to the financial support of the Visegrad Fund.

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